Due to an unparalleled commitment to customer service, many satisfied clients have submitted letters of thanks and some greatly appreciated reviews. If you would be interested in receiving a variety of letters of recommendation please e-mail that request today so they can be sent over. Thanks again and if you have any other requests for information regarding buying or selling be sure to visit the request information section.

Timothy Mc Cormick


September 10- 2014

Cindy DePhillips

2146 Encinitas Blvd
Encinitas, CA 92024

RE: Moving from: 1099 Double LL Ranch Road Olivenhain, CA

Dear Mrs. Cindy DePhillips;

    I cannot begin to thank you enough for the exceptional job you did in selling
my home. You managed to bring countless prospective clients through, resulting
in two offers, the last of which culminated in a successful sale. You gave me
countless tips and moral support, and always made me see the sunny side of the
street. You not only facilitated the sale and guided me through the escrow, you
also helped me through the move. You were not only a trusted agent, you were a
supportive friend, one that I will treasure forever. I have worked with you now
on the sale of two homes, and the sale of two lots in Solana Beach and have 

never experienced a higher level of attention or professionalism. 

I have purchased and sold homes in my past with respectable
agents, but never one so attentive and thorough as you. I am confident you will
soon find my family that special house we are hoping for, and that we can count
on the same stellar service from you that you have always provided so
cheerfully. I will and have recommended you to all I know or meet who are
looking for properties within your area of service. My family thanks you from
the bottom of our hearts, and hope to be able to take advantage of your skills
for the foreseeable future. Cindy, you truly are the best of the best!


Timothy K. McCormick

Tom Casey


Tom Casey – Rainbow, CA

September 12, 2013

RE: Letter of Recommendation for Cindy DePhillips

To whom it may concern,

Cindy DePhillips represented both sides in a short sale transaction involving a first mortgage and a second lien held by a home equity lender. The short sale was successfully consummated to the satisfaction of all parties involved, despite considerable inertia and occasional intransigence exhibited by both lenders. Cindy’s unbiased professional conduct, optimistic demeanor and tireless follow-through were essential to bringing the matter to a timely conclusion. Despite a regular rotation of representatives on the lender’s side and their resultant loss or lack of transfer of critical documentation to the newly appointed agents, Cindy’s attention to and command over the details was essential to repeatedly restoring the project’s lost momentum. Cindy was also personally involved with every aspect of the process, including the needed appraisal and continued to remain engaged even after the title had transferred to the purchasing party. I highly recommend Cindy DePhillips for any real estate related transaction and would specifically suggest her skills be employed in a short sale or other similarly complicated and time sensitive matter.


Thomas F. Casey

Rainbow Crest Ranch

Linda Mullins

I am writing to tell you what a knowledgeable agent, hard worker and good friend that Cindy Dephillips, my agent, is.  She has gone out of her way to make me feel comfortable with the decision I am making about selling one of my homes. I have many many, many friends and acquaintances that are real estate agents, however I have never felt like they would listen to me about what I wanted from my home.  Cindy not only listened, but also followed through with my suggestions.
She is bending over backward to help me to feel comfortable about either selling or leasing my home.  I feel very confident that either way she will come through for me.  She is honest and trustworthy.  Even though my husband was in real estate for many, many years, I have still learned so much from working with Cindy.
Thank you for having such a good agent.
Linda Mullins                      

Patricia Lenzner

Hi Cindy:
Thank you for everything you have been doing to help us!!  Having a person like you makes things go a lot smoother.  Thanks for being that special person.  You have helped us in every way, not just with selling our home, and buying a new one.  I don't know what we would do without you right now.
Thank you so much,
(Excerpt from email)

Rudene Wagner

Dear Cindy:
I just wanted you to know that you saved me.   If it were not for you and all your knwowledge in the real estate business, I would be stuck in my old condo with my a large car payment and a rising HOA fee.  I would never have been able to pay all of that.
I don't know how to thank you. Now I have a chance to retire.
Thank you so much.
Rudene Wagner
Rudene has referred 7 customers to me since then.

Michael Evans

On this day at our weekly office meeting, one of our highest selling agents in the office wanted to ask Cindy Dephillips  specifically a question about short-sales "since she has so many, and knows so much about them".  He asked his question, and Cindy answered it.  When a couple of other agents started to argue with her answer, Michael Evans, the owner and broker of 4 offices for Century 21 SeaCoast stopped them and said, "I would not argue with Cindy for two reasons.  Number 1, she is smart as hell.  Number 2, her husband is a real estate lawyer."
These were the best compliments he could have given me.
Thank you, 
Michael Evans

Korey McMurphy

Dear Cindy:
I just wanted to thank you for all of your help in buying my new home.
You stood by me and kept me informed every step of the way.  You have great knowledge about real estate, and everything that goes into buying and selling a home.
Thank you,
Korey  McMurphy

Fonda Wright


Fonda Wright – Vista, CA

I have worked with 10 different agents through out my life and Cindy is by far the best. She has become like a daughter to me.

Kami Luker

Than you so much for helping us buy a home. we never could have done it without you. I am so grateful for you and your help.
Love, Kami

TIm McCormick

Cindy, it's unbelievable, but true... You are nice as you are beautiful.  I am so proud to have you and your husband, Russell as my friends! You helped us more than just selling our land but in relieving a heavy burden off of our shoulders.
(excerpt from email)


Hi Cindy,
Thanks so much for being there for me! You are wonderful!
I feel so blessed that Jim introduced us and you are helping me so much!
I'll call you while I'm on my travels.
Take Care, Linda

Tim McCormick

Cindy and Russ,
Wow, I don't know quite what to say. It has been years of struggle, ecstacy and 
agony, and abject dispair. It is hard for me to grasp that it could all come to 
an end this week. I have long since given up the hope of a return on investment, 
and rather dreamed only of stopping the bleeding. Without the stellar help of 
the DePhillips family, I could never have expected the result you two managed 
for us. Your generosity and humanity has no bounds. There will come a day when I 
will be able to repay you, trust me. Until then, and I am sincere about this, I 
am skilled in home repair/building, auto mechanics, connectivity issues, 
software problems, masonry, gunsmithing, landscaping/farming, and carpentry. I 
have stick, mig and tig welders, and the talent to use them. I have more tools 
than most, and am eager to use them. If there is anything that either of you (or 
any family member) needs, a call to me will be answered swiftly and completely. 
There is nothing I wouldn't do for the two of you, no matter how great or small. 
The same, to a much higher level, can be said for my wife. We are blessed to 
have you in our lives, and will always look for opportunities to better your 
lives as well as our own. Thank you sounds hollow, but it's all we have today. 
You guys are the best that society has to offer.


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